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About Us

This group of local volunteers was set up in April 2003 with local Council support, to protect and promote the Cemetery for its historical, social, ecological and environmental values. They currently operate from the former Registrar's Lodge near the Talbot Road Entrance.

Services Include:
Tours, Data Searches, Help with Grave Locating & Grave Photography.

Office Generally Open
Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 13:00
Open later on Tour days.

As we are totally reliant on donations and bric-a-brac sales, we have a suggested list of donations. We would welcome anyone who is interested in furthering our work to make contact for information.

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There are no special skills necessary to be a member. Members need a willingness to help preserve part of Blackpool's History. If no one takes up the challange of recording history future generations will have a "black hole" in the time-line of Blackpool in its infancy. There are a lot of interesting stories yet to be uncovered.
We are also looking for members to assist with the tours.
One of the ways in which people can help is by becoming a member. Membership costs £5 and falls due on November 1st annually.
It is mainly to register a person's interest. Also membership brings varied talents to the group. Some members may like to work in the cemetery and some may be interested in researching the families of the interred.
To be a member and aid our work does not mean one has to be able bodied. Many talents are needed. Nor does it mean members have to turn up on a regular basis. Although any new research project is best discussed to ensure there is no duplication of effort.
Anyone who is interested should contact one of the committee members for further information.

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Website Project

We at Friends Of Layton Cemetery are always striving to improve our website & services. Our website is always being updated regularly with Projects, Tours, Events, Members Activities etc. We have designed the website so it is responsive to any viewing device such as computers, tablets & mobiles. So you can keep up to date on the go.

So Please Visit Regularly

Ongoing Projects

We are intending to convert one of the sections into a "showpiece section". We are also trying to mark the burial areas more clearly by providing better area markers. The "imported monument" areas need special attention.

We have an ongoing project to photograph every monument. To date this has produced previously undocumented mentions of 4 servicemen recorded on monuments. As part of this project records are being revised for accuracy and the results will be collated into a master file.

Proposed Projects

One of our major goals is to try and set up a group to attend and care for the inside of the Church of England listed Chapel. But this would involve a lot of extra work and it would necessitate a great commitment from the members of the Chapel group including raising sufficient funds to enable the work to be done.
If any one interested in helping in this venture, please contact one of the committee members for information.
A Newsletter has been muted to be published on an ad-hoc basis.

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A burial board was formed and by August 1872 had acquired 8.5 acres of land on New Road (now Talbot Road), at a cost of £1759. Plans for the Cemetery were prepared by Messrs. Garlick, Park and Sykes of Preston. The plans included the building of three Mortuary Chapels, a Registrar's Lodge, boundary walls, railings and entrance gates. The below plan shows the extent of the Cemetery in 1892.
Of the buildings only the Grade 2 Listed Church of England Chapel and the Locally Listed Registrar's Lodge have survived. The Registrar's Lodge was moved to the west side of the main gate around 1900 and the cleared area was used for burials. Further areas of land were added and laid out. In 2003 an area for Muslim burials was added to the Church of England, Roman Catholic and Non-Conformist sections. Several burials have recently taken place in plots where space permits. The area of the cemetery now exceeds 40 acres.

Section Plans

Modern Section Plan

1892 Section Plan

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Record Enquiries

Starting with the older sections, all our records are, at present, being checked for accuracy. We are collating Monument Inscriptions register entries and digitizing the compilation. When one considers there are over 16500 burial plots, and even if only one person is interred and that the cemetery area is over 40 acres, this is going to take some time to ensure accuracy. Any dates of death we provide can either be the Monument date, or the date of interment as this was usually carried out within a few days of death.
Please bear in mind not all Monument Inscriptions are correct. For various reasons errors crept in to some inscriptions. The inscriptions should be used as a reference point and other research should be carried out to ensure accuracy. In the past researchers have been known to find previously unknown family members. We will always endeavour to give the most accurate information we can.

Please supply as much information as possible.
Forname or nickname
Date of death and/or birth
Family members whether interred with deceased or not.
Your name and address

There is a printable form which can be sent to us with any donation to aid our work.
Please make cheques payable to Friends of Layton Cemetery. We are unable to take card payments.

Friends of Layton Cemetery
Cemetery Office (Main Gates)
Talbot Road
Phone:- 01253 399982

Don't forget to include your contact details.

Parking Enquiries

There is car parking available on both sides of Talbot Road close to the main gates and on Mansfield Road at the back of the cemetry, away from the biscuit factory.

Suggested Donations

Annual Membership £5.00
Souvenier Brochure £2.00 post and package extra.
Searches £2.00
Printed Page £0.50

Enquiry Form

For any enquires please either contact us directly or download our enquiry form below.

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Cemetery Tours

Tours can be arranged on request by contacting the Friends Of Layton Cemetery at the Lodge offices either in person, by phone or by e-mail.

There are at present 4 different tours available. Each tour lasts 60 to 90 minutes and are run “weather permitting”

We also specialise in “Grisly and Gruesome” tours. These tours proved very popular in 2018.
So we will be repeating them in 2019.

Cemetery Tour

Standard Tour

Start Date: Sunday 28/Apr/2019
End Date:
1st Tour Time:1330 for 1400
2nd Tour Time:

Gruesome & Grisly

First one of this tour season. 3 tours today tour 1 starts at 11:00 tour 2 starts at 14:00 tour 3 starts at 16:00

Start Date: Sunday 26/May/2019
End Date:
1st Tour Time:11:00
2nd Tour Time:16:00

Cemetery Tour

Standard Tour

Start Date: Sunday 30/Jun/2019
End Date:
1st Tour Time:1330 for 1400
2nd Tour Time:

Cemetery Tour

Standard Tour

Start Date: Sunday 28/Jul/2019
End Date:
1st Tour Time:1330 for 1400
2nd Tour Time:

Cemetery Tour

Standard Tour

Start Date: Sunday 25/Aug/2019
End Date:
1st Tour Time:1330 for 1400
2nd Tour Time:

Heritage week

Two tours daily to be confirmed

Start Date: Thursday 19/Sep/2019
End Date: Sunday 22/Sep/2019
1st Tour Time:1100
2nd Tour Time:1300

Cemetery Tour

Standard Tour

Start Date: Sunday 29/Sep/2019
End Date:
1st Tour Time:1330 for 1400
2nd Tour Time:

Cemetery Tour

Standard Tour

Start Date: Sunday 27/Oct/2019
End Date:
1st Tour Time:1330 for 1400
2nd Tour Time:

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Everyone is welcome

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Latest News

April 2019

We have been carrying out work to improve the benches leading to the Chapel. Our first standard tour of the season was carried out and enjoyed by everyone who attended. The next one is a Gruesome and Grisly tour and is planned for May 26th with a 1400 start. There has been a start made on the small Rememberence Garden and the work is being carried out by Carleton Staff.

December 2018

The A G M was held at the end of November.

Some changes to positions on the committee took effect. We also reviewed our on-going projects. Some areas have been improved with better markers and the benches are slowly being renovated. One thing of note was the total renovation of the lodge roof.

We discussed aims for next year and the meeting was closed.

Rememberence Day

The Service was conducted by the Reverend Hannah Boyd from St Mark’s Church in Layton. The names of 140 Layton service men who died were read out. After the last post and the memorial silence was observed Wreaths and Poppies were laid to remember the fallen. There was a good turnout as the event had been well publicised in the local paper and the immediate locality.

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